If you would like to take part in the workshop, please fill in your details in the application form below by 30 April 2018. Please see the notice about privacy and data treatment in the page about policies.

We reserve the right to process applications as they come in, so consider applying as soon as possible to have better chances of attending the workshop. We aim to confirm the result of your application at the latest shortly after the above deadline.

There is no registration fee, but please notice that only coffee breaks are provided.

Fields marked with an * are required. You have the option to contribute to the workshop with a poster, which could be further considered for a contributed talk, if you so indicate.

If you want to contribute a poster (which will also be considered as potential contributed talk, if you indicate so), besides providing relevant details of the contribution in the form below, please send a one-page abstract to with your name as part of the subject line; a Latex template (.tex/.pdf; please send both the .tex source and .pdf output) is available. Information about the contribution may be made available to the other participants through a book of abstracts.