Programme and Book of abstracts (Note: some posters do not have a corresponding abstract)

Monday 18th June

09:00 Welcome
09:15 Florian Mintert (inv.)
10:00 Farid Shahandeh (contr.)
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Matteo Rossi (inv.)
11:45 George Knee (contr.)
12:15 Free time for lunch (see list of suggested places)
14:00 Thao Le (inv.)
14:45 Mauro Paternostro (inv.)
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Poster session
17:30 End of first day
(Note: building closes at 18:00)


Tuesday 19th June

09:00 Angelo Bassi (inv.)
10:00 Luca Feriali (contr.)
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Ivette Fuentes (inv.)
11:45 Carlo Maria Scandolo (contr.)
12:15 Free time for lunch (see list of suggested places)
14:00 Robin Blume-Kohout (inv.)
14:45 Rainer Kaltenbaek (inv.)
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Panel discussion
17:00 Close of workshop
(Note: building closes at 18:00)

Invited talks

  • Angelo Bassi, Wave function collapse, gravity and cosmology
  • Robin Blume-Kohout, What “Semiclassical Computation” might mean
  • Ivette Fuentes, Gravity in the quantum lab
  • Rainer Kaltenbaek, Towards a space platform for fundamental tests of quantum physics
  • Thao Le, Strong quantum Darwinism
  • Florian Mintert, Anderson localisation and decoherence
  • Mauro Paternostro, Revealing quantumness without looking
  • Matteo Rossi, Quantum walks on graphs affected by classical noise

Contributed talks

  • Luca Ferialdi, Optimal feedback cooling of levitated nanoparticles
  • George Knee, Signatures of temporal signalling in quantum systems strongly coupled to an environment
  • Carlo Maria Scandolo, Classicality and objectivity in general probabilistic theories
  • Farid Shahandeh, Does there exist a macro-scale?


  • Soumik Adhikary, Quantum logic and non-classicality
  • Eliana Fiorelli, Open quantum generalization of Hopfield neural networks
  • Paul Knott, Generic emergence of objectivity of observables in infinite dimensions
  • Nuriya Nurgalieva, Inadequacy of modal logic in quantum settings
  • Jason Ralph, Finding the Quantum-Classical Transition with Poor Measurements
  • Enrico Sindici, Quantifying Identical Particle Entanglement
  • Vyome Singh, TBC
  • Marko Toros, Quantum mechanics beyond Galileo
  • Liam Walker, Quantum feedback and control of levitated microscopic systems